Another Batman Arkham Knight Trailer

Seems like the last few QB posts have all be Batman Arkham related... but with the game launching in less than a month my anticipation grows ever more with each passing day! In this new gameplay trailer (all captured from a PS4 mind you!) we see a more indepth look at the revamped combat system in Arkham Knight including what look to be new animations for gadgets and some city traversal via the very well done glide mechanic.

A few things I noticed watching the trailer:

  • this looks to take the fluid "free-flow" combat from previous games and further improve it.
  • Batman's explosive gel can now be used as a projectile.
  • You can "break out of being held by a thug and still maintain a combo.
  • The Batmobile can track projectile trajectory to avoid getting attacked.
  • All the sound effects are greatly improved from combat to simple gameplay elements like the grapple gun.
  • Gliding is significantly faster than in City or Origins.
  • Is his communicator with Oracle AR in his cowl? because otherwise opening that thing in front of GCPD officers would out Babs.
  • When Ivy mentions "who taught you to drive?" I imagined a 15 year old Bruce Wayne trying to parallel park a Bently with Alred

I can't wait for this game! I am anticipating it so hotly 

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