WTF Marvel? New Marvel Universe Omits Key Characters


Namely, the mutants and the first family...

I'm sure many of us have seen the original poster created back in 2007. This family portrait features key players from Marvel's extensive universe of characters. The first family and Wolverine are front and center with the Avengers and Spidey. It's a great poster...

Fast forward to now... see something different? The Fantastic Four and the Mutants are scrubbed from this family portrait. For those in the know, while Sony is playing nice with Marvel these days, FOX is still working on their own properties, namely the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four, outside of the core Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who suffers? The comic fans... X-Men comics went from being the top sold property to being relegated to the backburner, they killed Wolverine, they nixed Fantastic Four.

I am loving Marvel's Cinematic Universe, but all this infighting reminds me why I prefer DC Comics. What do you think? Marvel justified? House of Mouse holding too much control?

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