Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash on CW's The Flash

Looks like thanks to a leak from what looks like a fight scene on set, Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash will be making his presence known on this first season The Flash. Personally, I'm impressed with the look, feels like they took the overall style of Barry Allen's costume and gave it a bad ass yellow/red/black motif.

It isn't clear who Professor Zoom is yet, there are some theories that point to Harrison Wells... the CW series original character who doesn't appear in comics... personally I am siding with the notion that it's...

PS: spoilers...

"Eddie" Thawne... the golden boy CCPD officer first introduced in the pilot played by Rick Cosnett. In the comics, Professor Zoom is Eobard Thawne (sounds pretty close to "Eddie"), he has an unhealthy obsession with the Flash and wants to destroy Barry Allen's life, he goes back in time to kill his mother... wouldn't seem too far off that he'd also start dating the woman he loves (like on the show) as a big ol 'F U' to Barry Allen.

Anyway, check out the photos and sound off... tell us what you think!

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