[MOVIES] Winter Soldier Tease...

With Captain America: Winter Soldier gearing up for what looks to be a huge showing at San Diego Comic Con, the first teaser poster is revealed. Looks like Cap's shield is needing a bit of a paint job, doncha think?

Chris Evans as Captain American with Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes

Chris Evans as Captain American with Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes

So for those not in the know, allow me to give you a brief little overview of who the Winter Soldier is. He is Cap's former partner he feared was dead, Bucky Barnes was created as a sort of "side-kick" character for Cap, much like how Batman had Robin... Cap had Bucky. 

In the comics, after Bucky's apparent death... his body is salvaged by the Soviets and he is revived and upgraded with a cybernetic arm. He acts as a Soviet Assassin and frequently is paired up with The Black Widow herself. 

In Captain America: The First Avenger  Bucky Barnes was portrayed as being around the same age as Steve Rogers and was his best friend before undergoing the super soldier experiment. His apparent death was a fall from a train. Sebastian Stan portrayed Bucky and is set to reprise the role for the forthcoming sequel. Personally, I'm looking forward to it and hoping to god that it's good. After Iron Man 3  and being let down by Man of Steel . I don't know how I'd respond to another lackluster super hero flick, perhaps Nolan's Batman Trilogy and The Avengers  spoiled me a bit. Anyway, keep it locked for any future news.

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