It's Official... GameStop has sold out of PS4s...


Well, preorders to be exact. The video game retailer's website states that they are now "out of stock" of Sony's next generation console. Now whether this is a permanent state of being or GameStop is simply cutting off preorders temporarily is not known at the moment. But in a recent Gameinformer article, GameStop released a statement stating that:

"Due to high demand for the system, GameStop is not currently taking additional store reservations for the PlayStation 4."

Thought I do wonder how much of this statement is actually true or rather is marketing mumbo-jumbo meant to spin more consumers to patiently wait for GameStop to open preorders again, I mean... Gameinformer IS owned by GameStop.


One fact that remains is that Sony did right by gamers this time around. After the debacle of what Microsoft attempted to bring with their DRM stance (now indefinitely rescinded) could that have come too little too late? Many gamers, even XBox purists, were so turned off by the news that many flocked to Sony's side. While some may disagree with me, this round of the home console war will fall less on the side of brand loyalty, but more so on which brand better understands the "gamer." The problem is that Microsoft seems to have forgotten that. 

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