Hacksaw Jenny's April Comic Roundup

Hacksaw Jenny's April Comic Roundup

written by Hacksaw Jenny (@hacksawjenny)

I can't believe April is already over, and May is here! With the weather getting nice, I've been spending any free time I can find outdoors. Walking, hiking, playing Pokemon Go, and reading on the patio with a cold drink! I'm not gonna lie, it's mostly been the latter. I've consumed a lot of great comics this month, and it was hard to narrow down my picks for this column. If you would like to hear more about what I've been reading, you can always check it out on my Twitter and Twitch channel. Without further ado, here are three of my favourite comics from April!



Writer: Brian Schirmer Artist: Claudia Balboni
Publisher: Image Comics Diamond Code: FEB190020

Fairlady takes place in what I can only describe as a post-science fiction fantasy world full of corruption and intrigue. In it, Jenner Faulds is a Private Detective, or Fairlady, who takes on cases to earn a living, but as the only female detective, she has to overcome prejudice along the way. Brian Schirmer's dialogue is quippy and fun, and with completely self contained mysteries each issue, the comic has a very sitcom feel to it. Claudia Balboni's illustrations are simplistic and readable with just enough detail that I can take in the breathtaking scenes while still reading through the issue quickly. Overall, Fairlady has an incredibly addictive, binge-worth quality due to its self-contained stories and overarching larger plot that leaves you dying to know more. I'm hooked!



Writer: Brian Azarello Artist: Maria Llovet
Publisher: Boom! Studios Diamond Code: FEB191249

Brian Azarello (Batman: Damned) is known for his dark and gritty storytelling, so when I started reading Faithless I was shocked to find it both lighthearted and full of pastel colours. The story follows Faith, who  is an artist with a keen interest in the occult. Her life is boring and love life is non-existent. After sketching out her latest art piece using runes and arcane symbols, she literally bumps into a mysterious and charismatic young woman named Poppy. The two immediately hit it off, and Faith is thrown into a surreal, whirlwind romance with many dark twists. Faithless is a book that doesn't pull any punches when it comes to erotica. There is nudity, there is sexuality, and it's far from safe for work. Yet Maria Llovet's dreamy indie illustration style and unique use of fashion manages to balance things out and keep this tale of horror and sensuality grounded. Faithless has the style of Snot Girl, and the creeping dread of The Witch. Fans of either will surely enjoy this comic.


When I Arrived at the Castle

Writer/ Artist: Emily Carroll
Publisher: Koyama Press Diamond Code: FEB190020

Emily Carroll is a multi-talented creator who writes and illustrates some of the best horror comics out there. As a huge fan of the horror genre I was drawn to Carroll's anthology of scary stories, Through the Woods, when it came out in 2014. Since then I've been dying for more of Carroll's work, so when I saw When I Arrived at the Castle on the horizon I immediately pre-ordered it! Unsurprisingly, I was not let down. When I Arrived at the Castle tells the tale of a woman who has travelled a long way to a gothic castle in the middle of the woods with one task in mind, to kill the Vampire Countess who has been luring girls to an untimely demise. Seems like an easy enough task, but the Countess has many secrets and like most vampires, an undeniable allure. This graphic novel is filled with large, bold illustrations that seem to spill off one page and onto the next, pulling you into the maze and mystery of the castle with ease. I felt so immersed in the story, but then on the next page pulled back to reality when faced with a splash page of stark red, with simple black text depicting a story within the story. The back and forth between comic and prose helps to build a further sense of unease, building to a reveal that left me feeling haunted. Gothic horror at its best.


Lastly, I want to remind everyone that Saturday, May 4th 2019 is Free Comic Book Day! This is arguably the busiest and definitely the most exciting day of the year for comic book stores, and we can't wait to share the joy, laughs, and of course, free swag with the comic book community! We work hard for months to plan Free Comic Book Day events like signings, sales and contests, and do our best to keep everything organized and running smoothly. Please be courteous of everyone around you, obey any limits stores are placing on the free books, and consider making a purchase if you happen to find any books or toys strike your fancy. Above all else, have a great time and revel in the spirit of a day where we can all be big nerds together. Have Fun!

Every month I will be listing off comics that I enjoy that are also as accessible as possible. The above should be available at your local comic book shop, which you can find here (https://www.comicshoplocator.com/). If it's not in stock, I've provided the Diamond order code for each of my recommendations that you can provide to a comic retailer for easy ordering. Everything listed is also available digitally through Comixology.com, and physically through many online retailers. I am always happy to answer any of your comic questions, so feel free to contact me on twitter.com/hacksawjenny!

See you next month for my May Recap!

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