Everything you Need to Know About Free Comic Book Day

written by Hacksaw Jenny (@hacksawjenny)

What is Free Comic Book Day?

For the uninitiated, Free Comic Book Day is the day where comic book stores across the world hold a celebration, and give free comics to geeks of all ages. Free Comic Book Day started in May of 2002, on the opening weekend of Sam Raimi's Spider-man. The heavy advertising for the film helped Free Comic Book Day become a huge success, and with the exception of one year, it has been held on the first Saturday in May ever since. This year Free Comic Book Day takes place on Saturday, May 2nd, and can include not only comics, but also Cosplayers, comic creators, contests and more!

Is Free Comic Book Day For Me?

Of course! Free Comic Book Day is for everyone. There are comics for all ages, that include varied genres and styles. If you have never read a comic before, FCBD is the perfect opportunity to try something new, without breaking the bank, and to see how inclusive and friendly the comic community can be. If you used to read comics, but stopped reading for a while, FCBD is a great chance to catch up on the comics you've been missing out on and see what's going on in the ever changing world of comics. If you don't fit either of those categories, that probably means you have been heading to your comic shop every Wednesday, and your local shop owners would love to thank you for your dedication with some free comics. Every year parents bring their children, teenagers bring their friends, and this annual event gets bigger and bigger!

What Else Should I Know About Free Comic Book Day?

An important thing to note about FCBD is that not all comics are free. Comic shops purchase special FCBD comics for a small price, to be given away at the event. These comics are usually marked with a FCBD logo, and the store's stamp so you can remember where to find them if you want to come back for more. Weekly comics and graphic novels still cost money, but many stores hold special FCBD sales so you can get a good deal on that awesome book you found! Depending on the store, there may be a limit on how many comics you can have for free, so if you have your heart set on a specific comic you may want to arrive early. If you couldn't get all the comics you wanted at one store, you could always try finding them at other stores in your area and use that as a chance to get to know the staff at all your local comic shops.

How Can I Find A Participating Store?

If a day of costumed heroes, comics book writers and artists, and free comic books sounds like fun to you, you can check out the Free Comic Book Day Store Locator. Simply input your zip or postal code and you will find a list of all the stores in your area that are participating in Free Comic Book Day!

From everyone here at Lifted Geek, we hope this information helps you make the most of your Free Comic Book Day festivities, and don't forget to save the date! 

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