Hacksaw Jenny's March Comic Roundup

Hacksaw Jenny's March Comic Roundup

written by Hacksaw Jenny (@hacksawjenny)

In 2012 I managed to snag my dream job, working in a comic book store. Just imagine, reading comics in the down time between ringing up customers and making snarky remarks! In actuality, comics retail is a fast-paced and ever changing career path. My time is normally split between organizing, educating myself on what's going on in the world of comics, and making client specific recommendations. Two years ago I decided to expand on this passion and created a Twitch channel where every Wednesday I talk about the latest in comics news, talk about what I'm purchasing each week, answer comics related questions, and make suggestions for what viewers might enjoy reading. I'm now happy to bring those recommendations to Lifted Geek with a monthly column featuring my top picks from the last month!

March came and went with a snap (luckily not the Thanos kind) and in a month that went by so fast, I found myself looking for quick reads to occupy my time. Without further ado, here's a short read about short reads!


Justice League Dark Volume 1

Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Alvaro Martinez Bueno

Publisher: DC  Comics Diamond code: DEC180653

Justice League Dark is by far one of my favourite titles from 2018 and I'm incredibly happy it's been collected into a trade paperback so I can share the love. It stars Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Man Bat and Detective Chimp after the events of DC's Dark Knights Metal event. The seemingly mismatched group are brought together by Wonder Woman, who helps to ground what could be considered a more supernatural story than what most are used to and helps to introduce a bizarre cast of characters to a wider audience. In volume one, which collects issues 1-3 and 5-6, the Justice League Dark must figure out who or what is threatening the very existence of magic, and stop it before it affects not only our heroes, but humanity itself. The dark plot is balanced well by Bueno's  beautiful art and Tynion's introduction of humor from none other than John Constantine. A great read on its own, that can be continued in Justice League Dark/Wonder Woman Witching Hour.


Little Bird #1

Writer: Darcy Van Poelgeest Artist: Ian Bertram

Publisher: Image Comics Diamond code: JAN198548

Little Bird is the story of a young Canadian resistance fighter trying to find a sense of identity whilst fighting against the oppressive regime of the American Empire. Van Poelgeest weaves a story of historical significance and current events that begins with a foreword about how the comic was written on the unceded territory of the Musqueam people, and continues with the sensitivity necessary for a story featuring aboriginal characters. The comic is brought to life by Bertram's ornate illustrations, inspired by surrealist masterpieces like Dune and Akira. The first issue in a 5 part mini-series packs quite a punch and I am on the edge of my seat to find out what happens next. I highly suggest reading it in single issue format as it's released, because Little Bird will not be compiled into a trade paperback. The individual issues will be the most affordable way to collect the series, and will include their own exclusive material. It will, however, be released in an oversized hardcover as to better showcase Bertram's highly detailed art style. The hardcover is set to release near the end of 2019, and will contain process art and extras, but if you can't wait that long you can always check out the sold out first issue when it's second printing drops!


Rat Queens #15

Writer: Kurtis Wiebe Artist: Owen Gieni

Publisher: Image Comics Diamond code: APR190185

Rat Queens has been a fan favourite since debuting in 2013 with its  diverse cast of characters and crude sense of humour. The series has certainly seen its ups and downs, but has persevered through controversy and a handful of artist changeups over the years. The series rebooted in 2017 when writer Kurtis Wiebe landed a perfect match in friend and artist Owen Gieni, and has been consistently hitting the balance between heartfelt and uproariously funny ever since. While the series will continue to bring the laughs well into the future, this was the final issue Wiebe and Gieni, who are stepping away from the book to concentrate on their indie game studio, Beast and Bone. The next issue, Rat Queens: Swamp Romp will be the first for the new creative team; Ryan Ferrier and Priscilla Petraites. In keeping with the spirit of Rat Queens, it's chock full of Dad Jokes and over the top fantasy art. Be on the lookout for it to arrive in April! 

Every month I will be listing off comics that I enjoy that are also as accessible as possible. The above should be available at your local comic book shop, which you can find here (https://www.comicshoplocator.com/). If it's not in stock, I've provided the Diamond order code for each of my recommendations that you can provide to a comic retailer for easy ordering. Everything listed is also available digitally through Comixology.com, and physically through many online retailers. I am always happy to answer any of your comic questions, so feel free to contact me on twitter.com/hacksawjenny!

See you next month for my April Recap!

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