An Interview with Noms Designs: Deliciously Comfy Apparel

An Interview with Noms Designs: Deliciously Comfy Apparel


Written by Riri (@lillyums)

Do you love food? Do you love to nom nom nom GOOD food? What about WEARING GOOD FOOD? Maybe not wear real food...that'll get too messy haha. We found Noms Designs, owned by Vicky and Kamaniki from Canada.  Talented individuals with a love for food, they released new t-shirts a few months ago with an assortment of food designs that make you wish it was real enough for you to eat.  We got the opportunity to interview them shortly after the time of their release.  Since the interview, they've released more designs and added tank tops and stickers to their website! 

We at Lifted Geek always appreciate geek fashion and could not let up on this opportunity to chat with the co-creator of Noms Designs. Check out our interview with Noms Designs!

Riri: Let’s start with you and your sister.  Tell us about yourselves! What do you two do?

Vicky: Kamaniki is a full time artist and I am a part time cosplayer.

R: That’s awesome, we have been following both of your work for some time. You both are incredibly talented individuals.  Tell us about Noms Designs! How did it start?

V: We both love food, and my sister loves drawing so we put two and two together and decided to make an apparel brand!


R: I do recall your posts on food, so this makes so much sense! That’s great you two put this together.  Were there any difficulties you faced when starting this brand?

V: Figuring out the logistics on how to make the operations work. Finding the right manufacturer with focus on the quality of fabric/material and printing specs.

R: Can you describe you and your sister’s creative process during these designs?


V: We started to work on foods we love eating ourselves. 

R: Oh yea of course! What about any foods you tried out on paper by couldn’t conceptualize on a shirt?

V: Nope! All of our concepts worked.

R: That makes it easier! No obstacles there. What IS your favorite food? Which is your favorite shirt?

V: My favorite is the ramen shirt! 

R: Will you plan on designing more food shirts? Will these strictly be t-shirts only, or will there be other styles?

born to make.jpg

V: Of course we will be designing more food shirts! We will release more designs later this year. We haven't thought much about other products yet as we just started out. 

R: Do you have any last words for our audience? Tell us your plug!

V: Our shirts are super comfy as we want people to have a comfort feeling when they wear their favorite foods they love to eat!

Noms Designs
Deliciously Comfy Apparel
FB/Twitter/Instagram: @nomsdesigns

We appreciate Noms Designs' time for this interview! Please check them out, they have so much more on their website! Ok time to eat. Bye.

All images in this article were retrieved, with permission, from the Noms Designs Facebook and webpage.

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