Riri Wears All The Miyazaki

Written by Riri (@lillyums)

Here’s to my first fashion post. I don’t generally consider myself super fashionable, but when it’s time to attend my favorite geek convention, I will just throw on anything that I think looks pretty and nerdy at the same time. Like what you see? Links to articles of clothing at the end of the article.

For Emerald City Comic Con this year, I knew I wanted to wear my Camilla del Errico shirt with the design of Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke, and I wanted to a chance to wear my newest Enfu leggings I got from Enfu debuted during Sakura Con 2016.   So I thought, why not, I’ll wear both! So obviously, I was Miyazaki-ed out for the day. Maybe too much. But who cares.


What I like about my Camilla Miyazaki tee is that it a fairly simple black and white design of Princess Mononoke with some red accents where it counts – so not a lot of color.  My new Enfu leggings is a fun, colorful collage of Enfu’s chibi Miyazaki characters.  For shoes, I wore my solid bright red Dr. Martens boots.  Additionally, since I tend not to retain body heat very well, I wore my H&M grey cardigan with pleather sleeves over the outfit.  To top this off (literally) I wore my bright pink trucker hat also from Enfu – it’s not just hot pink, but with the rainbow fart and all my added pins, it’s just a crazy colorful hat. I completed the outfit with The Sprite Bag by Pixelle via Think Geek, since it is a geek convention and I needed to carry a lot of stuff in this specious bag!

Call this outfit crazy, but I loved it. It captured my love for Miyazaki by two of my favorite artists that I got to wear together at Emerald City Comic Con. 

Do you Miyazaki ? Let us see! 

Here are the links to some of the products:
Enfu "Ghiblets" Leggings
Camilla d'errico Apparel
Dr. Martens Delaney Boot