Spring Forward in Shades of Pink

Spring Forward in Shades of Pink

written by Nox Meriil (@peculiartrash)

Each year when spring comes around I find myself feeling a little dreamier, a little more adventurous, and really, really into shoujo anime. Shoujo anime screams spring to me: first love under the cherry blossoms, cool sunny days out to get crepes with friends, or time spent daydreaming inside during heavy spring rains.

I wanted to capture some of this shoujo anime spirit while maintaining some of the pastel cool girl vibes I like in my wardrobe. It was raining quite a bit when I got the photos which I felt was more than representative of Seattle spring.

Outfit Rundown:
Shirt - MIQ
This is one of my favorite shirts! It’s oversized and super comfy and features a four-armed soda girl printed on both the front and back! I purchased it at Anime Revolution. Sadly their online store is closed for the time being.

Skirt - American Apparel 

A staple AA pleated skirt, which I actually bought secondhand for a cosplay, but it makes its way into many of my daily outfits. 

Yuri on Ice Lanyard - Mystery Artist???
I bought this at ECCC! I try to make note of the artists I purchase from, but I totally missed this artist’s name! I hope to find it soon because it’s absolutely gorgeous and I plan to use it for every con badge from now on. 

Earrings - Vintage 

I bought these at an antique shop by the Seattle Waterfront! I am so into weird 80’s geometric patterns and these sort of remind me of four sided dice. 

Legwarmers and Syringe - Daiso

Daiso’s fuzzy winter accessories are a huge staple in my chilly weather wardrobe. I’ve been really into legwarmers recently, and I think they look best when bunched around your ankles 80’s style. The syringe pendant is actually a pencil that I wire wrapped the top of to use as a necklace. 

Shoes - YRU
These shoes are GORGEOUS. They’ve got an incredible holographic grid platform and sparkly sides. Unfortunately they’re terrible for walking and I scratched up the front by falling the first time I wore them! Gotta suffer for that #aesthetic. 

Everything else - Offbrand/Secondhand
The backpack was an incredible Goodwill Bins find, the jacket was a gift from a friend that I’m pretty sure was just from some mystery online shop, and the tights I picked up at a J-Fashion Swap!

This outfit made me feel cute and confident! When it comes to fashion I believe there is nothing more important than feeling good and strong in what you’re wearing! Have fun with your fashion and go embrace spring for all the magical shoujo vibes you can get! 

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