Nox Channels Her Inner Usagi Tsukino

written by Nox Meriil (@peculiartrash)

Sailor Moon is beloved by many for its messages about friendship and overcoming all odds, its strong female characters… and also its delightful 90s fashions. I based my outfit today around Usagi’s casual style with a blend of some of the other scouts as well.

When wearing this style, I get most of my clothing by thrifting! My tank top was only a dollar, and the sweater was even less. Being as cute as a magical girl doesn’t have to be limited to people with a lot of extra cash.

I took inspiration from Makoto for the pants, as she’s more regularly inclined to wear pants than Usagi, who loves her short skirts. I chose this tank top as it has the very popular 90s collar style worn by a lot of the girls in the show. Naturally the wand, Crystal Star Brooch sweatband, and tiara are important accessorization for that magical girl vibe! I also put candy clips in my hair because Usagi loooves her sweets. For shoes, I chose jellies because they fit the magical girl 90s vibe completely and are comfy to wear around a con! Pairing them with cute socks makes them even cuter and comfier. These ones have sheep, which are cute and fluffy like Usagi (or like she wishes she was).

For makeup I’m wearing rainbow highlighter and an excess of glitter. I wanted to create something of an illusion of subtle freckles with glitter all over my face. The rainbow highlighter is hands down my favorite makeup product, showing up best when in direct sunlight, like an actual rainbow on my cheeks. Finally, I topped it off with eyeliner and lashes for that super anime vibe.


Teal Sweatshirt - Thrifted, Tag reads “Homning” 
Tank Top - Vintage
Pants - Vintage
Shoes - Amazon
Sweatband - Official Sailor Moon 
Tiara - Thrifted, Barbie Swan Princess
Wand - Thrifted