Spookachu! Savi Rocks A Zombie Pikachu Skater Dress

written by Savi-chan (@savyFIERCE)

Ah, Halloween approaches in just about a month and as I rummage through my closet, planning what to wear I come across a memorable dress I had bought at Anime Revolution 2016.

As I walked around the vendors hall I stopped at one stand that was selling dresses with prints all over them (Sadly I cannot remember the name of the AniRevo vendor, but the dress is from CuteJapaneseFashion.com) I browsed through until I held up one that had a rabid Pikachu on the front eating Ash's hand, covered in blood. A girl that had been browsing as well stopped and stared at the print with me and commented, "If someone was wearing that dress I wouldn't talk to them." In my head all I could think was, perfect. I asked the seller how much before I got too excited and he told me it was only 35$! Sold!

As the day turned into night I found myself tired of being in cosplay and went to change into my new dress. It was ridiculously comfortable and silky feeling, and yet flattering as it tightened around the waist and flowed out. I was surprised how flattering it was seeing how I am quite short and this dress was a 'one-size'. 

I have never felt adorable yet freaky all at once! I would recommend wearing this dress with a leather jacket and a pair of combat boots... Hey, maybe this will be my Halloween costume this year.


Dress: Cute Japanese Fashion
Jacket & Shoes: Model's Own