Cosplay and Me: AniRevo 2016

Cosplay and Me: AniRevo 2016

Written by Riri (@lillyums)

Anime Revolution has come and gone, and something about this convention gives me happy feelings inside whenever I come; it’s only my 2nd time attending.  Like any anime convention, I showed up in cosplay; femme Morty from Rick and Morty (left, Lifted Geek), casual Chibi-Usa (center, Micktography), and Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service (right, Rale Photography).

Left Image: Lifted Geek

Middle Image: Micktography

Right Image: Rale Photography

As far as this year’s cosplay scene goes, I felt like there were cosplay from a variety of everything rather than an obvious presence of cosplay from one particular series or game - at least from my point of view.  It was International Sailor Moon Day on the Saturday, which is the same Saturday every year, so we had our fair share of moonie cosplays anyway, but I thought it was less than that of last year’s.  Overwatch, being as popular of a game as we all know, had many cosplays too but not as much as I would consider saying that they were everywhere. Nothing of one genre really stood out, but that’s not a bad thing either!

I got to take a few selfies with some of my favorite cosplays of the convention. 

I finished the first season of Psycho Pass in 2015 and still have yet to see the second season. However, I saw these two on the first day as Shinya and Akane and loved how on point these two were.  These are Weebking Cosplay and Yousei Cosplay.

We have our usual Street Fighter cosplays from time to time, and once in a while we'll have a Zangief, which is usually really comical most of the time because of that large patch of plumpy chest hair.  However, never have I seen a gender bent Zangief until this convention.  I loved how she created this too!  This is Kayla Rose Cosplay.

Who doesn't want to see a Koffing?

And a Ditto, by SaviChan Cosplays


Meet Vancouver cosplayer, Rulaxie! I see her often and always enjoy her Final Fantasy cosplays.  I love her Miqo'te Lightning!

I ran into the cutest Magi cosplayer earlier that day and didn't realize she was also part of an amazing Magi group! I was able to get a selfie + find her later together in the group. They were all amazing.  

Speaking of amazing groups, here were my favorite group cosplays that I encountered that weekend. Artist Chili Ferrets reimagined the Sailor Scouts as samurais; this group nailed it (left)! Then we have our Eevee evolutions gijinka cosplays (right); I don't know which designs these were based on! If anybody knows please comment!

Finally, I ended my weekend running into Seviria Cosplay (Pikachu) and Sinastri Cosplay (Jiggly Puff)! I've been a fan of these two!

There were many other cosplayers I didn't get a chance to selfie with, but here are the remaining individuals shots of my favorite cosplays!


The cosplays at Anime Revolution always impresses me, and I will find myself coming back to this convention again next year.  Now that I've finished writing this, I'm noticing the pictures I've just posted have more cosplays from Pokemon than others...

Well until next year, Ani Revo!

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