Expanding the Nerd Universe: Riri Unboxes Espionage Cosmetics' First Subscription BOOM!Box

Written by Riri (@lillyums)

Espionage Cosmetics just released their first subscription BOOM!Box this December, and we received this box from them for this unboxing review.  Like many subscription boxes, they included a variety of items that are specific to Espionage Cosmetics. BOOM!Box is a subscription box for every other month, and not every month like some other subscription boxes are.

This first box included the following items: 

  • Nail Wraps with file - Wyvern Scales theme
  • E.L.F.S. Cosmetic Glitter - limited edition!
  • Wyvern Headband with Kiru Button, "Self Rescuing Princess"
  • Wyvern Scale Pendant
  • Imp's Ears 1/32oz sample oil blend
  • Sam Skyler Artwork of Mad Max's Furiosa
  • Bath Bomb

 Many of these items were specially created for this box, so it makes them super exclusive!

I've always wanted to try their nail wraps too, so I gave it a shot! Here's what the Wyvern Scales design looks like:

Application was super easy - the nail file that was included is a MUST! At first I didn't understand why the nail file was in the box but this is absolutely used for the nail wraps.  That and I used nail clippers to help trim off the excess length.

I always thought it'd look dinky and weird on short nails, but it wasn't bad at all!

Like many subscription boxes, there were only a few things that I really liked that suited my taste.  I liked the glitter, the nail wraps, bath bomb, and the little sample artwork from Sam Skyler.  The head band certainly is useful but not something I would find myself wear outside.  Overall, I think this box will appeal to those who are into nerd makeup and manicures, but it also has accessories and jewelry.  Check out my unboxing video below for more in depth review. 

Like what you see? Sign up for the February's box by January 2016 HERE!