Minority Report "Memento Mori" (REVIEW)

written by Omar Castillon (omar_castillon)

The federal government is at it again trying to mess things up even in the future. It’s now official that Agatha’s premonition involving all siblings being placed in the milk baths once again will come true in this week’s episode. The stakes are higher than ever and the conspiracy behind all of this chaos that is about to ensue involves Memento Mori. This group hopes to bring in a vicious attack that could be prevented but only if the right people get the right approval to find the PreCogs. Dash and the gang (including Blake of all people) have a lot to worry about when Dash’s murdervision involves a U.S. Senator.

The episode starts off like most of the procedural episodes with Dash and Vega going out of their way to talk to the potential players in the murdervision. The only difference is that Arthur has a behind-the-shadows role investigating Blomfeld who was also getting buddy buddy with Blake earlier. It turns out that Blomfeld wants to find all three siblings in order to stop Memento Mori. In the previous episode we do see a glimpse of one of the members of Memento Mori but it turns out that he is one of many members that the government can’t seem to get a hold of since they are magically impossible to track. This man is Dr. Gray who has a history behind some genetic research similar to what Senator Ellen Meizhou-Shi is advocating and also something that Dash wants to happen in order to help millions of people since the genetic research connects to having people being born without genetic disorders. 

In the grand scheme of things one person doesn’t want another person do something they did several years ago because reasons. It gets a little confusing since all of these details that should have been presented earlier in the season should have been sprinkled throughout and not shown all at once. In any case the chase between Blomfeld and the PreCogs begins as Blomfeld barges in to Wally’s lab while Dash (after getting in a fight with Vega) goes solo and the danger rises. This makes things a bit more entertaining but in the following sequence, Dash’s murdervision almost comes to fruition as Dr. Gray disguised as a patient attacks the Senator only to partially succeed in his mission. 

The aftermath involves Vega and Dr. Gray in a room together as he goes on explaining the intentions of Memento Mori. This series of events again involves tons of plot that makes some sense but also comes off a little heavy handed. Sure it brings on the danger to a different level and further emphasizes that the PreCog unit should not have been used on a local level but on a national level that has a greater emphases to humanity as a whole…or something to that extent. It’s safe to say that Minority Report feels like they are trying to wrap things up with the series since it’s going Hail Mary to the storyline. On one hand this works since we could get a book end that most shows that don’t last too long have. On the other hand this really makes all of those important points to overwhelming since they are trying to cram in so much information. I wish Memento Mori was one of the earlier underlying plot points in the series because that way we could be intrigued by what is to come in the form of a national threat that only the PreCogs can prevent. Instead it stayed more of Agatha having a vision of them being back in the milk bath and that was it. One more episode left, home stretch indeed.