Gotham "The Son of Gotham" (REVIEW)

written by Omar Castillon (omar_castillon)

Holy freaking crap…this was the episode to tune into if you wanted to watch a fantastic series of events really take a dump on itself. This isn’t a bad thing; more or less this was connected to Gordon trying to keep Galavan in prison for his crimes. By this I mean that Gordon’s plans are not going to go as smoothly as he thought. Bruce takes more focus than Galavan and his Order of Crazy Monks but overall things move forward. All of these events perfectly coordinated for the midseason finale.

We start off with the crazy monks from the previous episode causing a ruckus. It is also finally revealed that the monks are really the Order of St. Dumas. These guys have a particular significance to the comics and of course Theo Galavan is actually a Dumas based on his family legacy from several episodes ago detailing the connection. Gordon of course is dead set on nailing Galavan with the kidnapping of now former Mayor James. Both Gordon and Bullock spend the majority of the episode trying to figure out the connection 9 murders have with the “Son of Gotham.”

In the meantime, Bruce has plans of his own when he comes to the realization that Galavan has a connection to who really murdered his parents. In order for Bruce to get a hold of this information, he needs to manipulate Silver St. Cloud who at this point is the only lead Bruce has in order to get what he wants. Selina chimes in throughout the episode keeping Bruce focused on the mission. Enter Chibs from Sons Of Anarchy creeping on both Silver and Bruce. Tommy Flanagan who was Chibs in that show now portrays Tom the Knife in this episode of Gotham and he was quite fantastic being a creepy yet menacing character. This of course is a rouse when in the process of getting information towards Bruce’s parent’s killer; Bruce needs to pretend that he too is being harmed by Tom the Knife. As soon as Silver buys into the kidnapping violence, she then confesses to a name that was given to her by Galavan himself. At first she was denying the name that is mentioned but Selina brings up the point that she only confessed once a knife was placed in front of her with the intension of causing harm. To Silver and even from a viewer’s perspective this was a moment where Bruce finally grew some balls and used someone to get information. Bruce is slowly becoming Batman…

Back to Gordon and Bullock’s monk hunt, they end up going into the sewers and finding the Order of St. Dumas hideout and yet another victim used for their crazy ritual. Gordon improvises and gathers information towards the Order’s real intensions and is left with just one clue, Son of Gotham. Gordon later goes to Galavan’s trial only to be shattered by the confession former Mayor James gives to the jury pointing fingers to Penguin instead of Galavan. At this point I was right there with Gordon cussing at the screen in disbelief. Not really saying this was a bad thing, I was just really into the plotline. Everything wraps up with plotlines ready to be closed off in the form of some sort of big battle or confrontation between Galavan, Gordon and Penguin once again. One other thing to consider is the awesome fight Alfred has with Tabitha as he searches for Bruce in Galavan’s penthouse. Not bad Alfred, not bad at all. The midseason finale is next and I can’t wait to see where these storylines go!