Minority Report "Honor Among Thieves" (REVIEW)

written by Omar Castillon (omar_castillon)

Things go in a different direction for the PreCog siblings once again in this week’s episode. It’s not the typical case of the week but instead the crime involves Arthur and Dash. Definitely one of the better changes the show needed before the end of the ten-episode order. The murdervision Dash gets is surprisingly quick to come to an end. For once, Dash and Vega failed to save the person in the murdervision. In a sort of character breaking moment, Dash decides he should pay his respects to the victim of the murdervision. At first it doesn’t feel too much like a trap but of course it is a trap once Dash arrives at the apartment of the victim and meets his “wife.” 

In a series of flashbacks we get to see the PreCog siblings immediately after they leave the PreCog program. The three of them go through physical therapy and eventually are let go into the world. It’s almost like a heartless good bye on behalf of helping solve crimes before they happen. Rather strange set up honestly for the three siblings but it’s enough for them to start interacting in the world one awkward encounter at a time. Arthur was the first to really get a grip of the world since Dash and Agatha are more concerned about finding a place to live. Arthur on the other hand is more interested in the woman that smiled at something he said. It’s a nice touch of humanity that Arthur needed but also sets up why he is the way he is; cocky and dismissive. 

Back to the Dash scenario, he ends up being abducted and kept in an old factory connected to one of his captors. Vega immediately hunts down Arthur to see if he even has any clues to where or even who was behind the attack on Dash. Arthur hesitates for a bit but then realizes that his actions are to blame for Dash’s disappearance. This all connects to a scene earlier where Dash and Arthur meet up to connect their clues and see who was the killer in the murdervison. Arthur once again gets punched in the face for messing everything up by Vega this time so that was sort of entertaining. 

It turns out that Arthur was the one who ordered the fake ambulance people to pick up the body from the murdervision and he was the one who stole money from a bigwig crime boss in D.C. It becomes a game of where is my money, where is my brother type of situation. The results aren’t pretty. It’s not that anyone important dies, more like Dash gets hurt badly and Arthur needs to be quick thinking on the next step to try and save Dash. Vega has her input on the situation but like most of her character actions recently, they are just there to move the plot forward or at least Deus Ex Machina the situation. 

Dash on the other hand does use his powers as a guide for Arthur in the form of manipulation. Earlier Dash tells one of his captors that he had a familiar face. The guy questions Dash but later dismisses it. Dash’s other captor who was the woman in the apartment mentions her husband and how he liked to draw roller coasters. Well, that comes back to haunt the two captors as they realize their connection. Dash ends up getting someone killed leading to Arthur getting a grip of his location and Vega moving in with the swat team to end everything. This then goes to the connection from the flashbacks where Dash and Arthur witness their actions come to reality with horrible consequences. In the flashback, Arthur is hitting on the bartender. A drunken guy gets upset and picks a fight with Arthur only to be saved by Dash. The bartender doesn’t meet a very nice end and Arthur is stuck with the guilt of his actions. In a sense it connects to the present time where Arthur’s actions had terrible consequences but in this scenario, he was able to save his brother sort of paying back the favor from years ago. 

If the rumors on the web are true and Minority Report is only sticking to a ten episode order then that means there are only 3 episodes left in the series or season if there is hope for a second season. After these last 2 episodes, Minority Report is getting a bit more watchable only because they have been focusing on the sibling’s past. Something that really should have been the focus to begin with instead of police procedural. Whether this is getting close to the end of the series or not, I don’t mind sticking around until the end.