#RIPRW: an open letter to Robin Williams

written and art by Mimi Chung

can you spot all the Robin Williams film references? (click to enlarge)

As for my thoughts of this tragic loss... The news of Robin Williams's death was already terribly shocking , but to find out it was suicide hurt me the most. How can someone who was loved by many, feel so alone? Did we see the true form of Robin Williams through Genie? Is there anyone that I know having thoughts of suicide? How can I help or help them seek help? So many thoughts were going through my mind...

Growing up, my little brother and I were constantly told to behave more like an adult and contain our silliness. But Robin Williams has always taught us, it's okay to be an adult and be animated with crazy voices to express yourselves without insecurity.

All I can say to him is how thankful I am for inspiring me to spread laughter to friends and strangers. He will truly be missed, may he finally rest in peace.