Everfree NW 2013: Artist Alley Highlights

Written by Riri (@lillyums

One of my most favorite things to look forward to at any convention is visiting the artist alley.  Artists come to sell remarkable merchandise that they have designed and created for the fans.  As a fellow crocheter and crafter, I obviously have a huge appreciation for these artists and I got the chance to speak to a few of my personal favorite artists of the convention and hopefully with this article, we can help promote their work and follow them!

There were a few familiar faces from Everfree 2012, including Sweet Apple Acres, whom I highlighted in my first Everfree 2012 cover, and I recognized Dea Star Crafts as well, and back with even more merchandise and one of the longest booths in the hall. There were also even more vendors who were there for their first time!  I even was recognized (as Riri) by Danielle from Satohai Cosplay who was there as a vendor for her first time, AND she (and I) is also part of the Con Questers.  

I managed to speak to several artists about their work when they weren't helping customers, and got to do a little video footage of them as well. We have Nerdy Knitter DesignsDea Star Crafts, Custom Ponies by Hannaliten, Chaotic Brony, and Satohai Cosplay.

The remaining artists that I didn't get a chance to do a mini interview with will be discussed after the video!


In addition to above, I got to speak with several more artists including:

Cutie Corral, based in Chicago, were selling tons of cute MLP plushies of a variety of different characters! Not just limited to the Mane 6, but even background ponies and evil ponies.  The owner (I'm sorry I didn't catch your name!) of the store has a team of people helping to make these ponies based on her pattern that she and her close friend drafted together.  They were making a huge hit with these ponies! 

Owner at her Cutie Corral booth!

Brush Stroke Illustration by James Muir - there were tons of other artists selling posters, but something about his caught my attention.  I love mash ups, and this was definitely a mash up between MLP and Street Fighter. I enjoyed his style and while he didn't have a lot of work up, this was also his first time as a vendor, trying to get a feel for the sales of his work. I loved this mash up!

James Muir of Brush Strokes Illustrations

The next vendor didn't have a name for her booth but she was also a talented crocheter and knitter! Her most notable work (in my opinion) that weekend was a crocheted Discord, beautifully done! Her booth was most known for her crocheted parasprites . She had pony themed parasprites as well as a Discord parasprite as well!!  Also, she had crocheted MLP themed Pokeballs which were also very adorable. 

There were so many talented artists at Everfree!! I look forward to next year's returning artists and new artists!

Live, Love, Craft g33ks!