ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Sara McCormick of Infinite Creatures Designs

written by and video by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

So one of the best things about the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo was meeting some amazing artists. I'd like to introduce you to Sara McCormick of Infinite Creatures Designs. This week's artist spotlight with our return to the series, she's a fractal artists and my "good-at-match-because-I'm-Asian" heart was all over her stuff!

I love how she beautifully melded the left brain with the right brain by creating wonderful artwork with a math-minded edge. We here at Lifted Geek are big on that kind of geekery. She's working to get her stuff on a global scale and currently has about 8 days left on her Indiegogo campaign, so make sure to check her out if you dug her stuff! Give her website a peek and definitely make sure to like her on Facebook.