Artist Spotlight: Enfu's Latest Collection "Enfood"

written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

What can I say about this guy that can’t be summed up in his extensive body of work? Ken “Enfu” Taya has been a staple in the PNW con culture, with his artwork gracing many a wall here among Lifted Geek’s staff. I remember when I first saw his stuff, it was on the walls of of Blue C sushi; so given how I originally discovered him it seems fitting that I cover his latest series which all revolve around food.

As a bit of an amateur foodie and someone who used to be fairly active on Yelp, I do pride myself in knowing what good food is. Enfu’s latest collection is as mouth watering as it is visually stunning. His signature style prominently shines through in every noodle and grain of rice. I’ve been a huge fan of his work for years, but this new collection hits me right in the gut… literally! I challenge you to check out his ramen bowl prints and not all of a sudden crave ramen yourself.

Enfu mentions that food can be a gateway to other cultures. Sharing a plate with someone doesn’t just say you want to feed them, it also says that you want to share a bit of yourself with them. Growing up in a large Filipino family, I’m accustomed to tables filled to the brim with food. Whenever I hear my auntie or uncle say to me “have you eaten yet?” I know that’s also code for “I love you.” 

Food brings people together in so many ways, when I look at Enfu’s work I’m hit with the same feelings of warmth and community… and that friends, is something special.