Artist Spotlight: Rick Marson & ZOMs

written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)
video by Lauren Macandog (@laurenmacandog)

I literally (and yes I mean LITERALLY) had to double take when I walked passed this booth at this past year's Emerald City Comicon (check out our full coverage here) and had to site down and chat with him. Down in the dungeons of the Conventions Center (the TCC) Rick Marson was hanging out at his booth. What drew me to it first was the ZOMBEES figures, if you know me you know I love toys... toys for days man... but with every iteration of the Walking Dead, I've seen the likes of Zombie bears, dogs, birds, and of course humans... but never bees, and I hate bees.



With strong ties to what's up in tech, if you check out the main ZOMs website it features a Google map to report your very own ZOMBIE outbreak... i.e. places where people bought ZOMs. Check out the video of our chat with Rick and make sure to check ZOMs out on Facebook and Twitter!

Can't wait see see more stuff and we at the LG offices wish ya the best Rick! I hope you can get that game off the ground! Before we close out, check how The Walking Dead star Michael Rooker reacts to Horace... awesome.