cos(WED): Lara Croft by Anastasiya Rumega


Written by: Riri (@lillyums)

This week's Cosplay Wednesday features Anastasiya Rumega of Seattle, WA, cosplaying as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider based on the 2013 series reboot.  In the game, Lara journeys to an island off the coast of Japan in search for a lost relic, and the ship she was on was struck by a violent storm that left her and her team stranded on an isolated island.  The story follows Lara as she searches the island for the others and obviously you can't just stay clean and beautiful on an island for very long!  Falling in mud, fighting wolves, getting hurt .... at the end of the day, Lara is dirty and bleeding (and somehow still looks pretty bad ass) that's just what Anastasia here is cosplayed as. Check out what she had to say about her cosplay!

Cosplayer: Anastasiya Rumega (FB)
Cosplay: Lara Croft
Series: Tomb Raider (2013)

1. How long have you been cosplaying? 
I have only been cosplaying since last year at Pax Prime 2013. I got into it because I saw how much my friends were having with the convention circuit.

2. Why did you choose this cosplay? 
I chose this cosplay because I genuinely enjoyed playing through the game on the PC. Also, contrary to popular belief I believe Lara to be a kickass rolemodel for girls! This version of her, albeit younger self and with longer pants, really appealed in terms of a first cosplay choice and something I could embody.

3. How long did it take to complete and what was the hardest part when constructing it? 
It took a couple weeks, I made the fake holster myself (My first DIY!) out of faux leather and cardboard. I managed to find the perfect pants literally the day before the convention at Goodwill!!! I think the cosplay gods smiled upon my choice to take on this project. To most seasoned cosplayers, this cosplay may seem like nothing, but it was a real step towards me realizing how much confidence I really have.

4. What do you love most about this cosplay? 
I love so many things about cosplaying, but my most gratifying moment would have to be when a little kid runs up to you, eyes sparkling, asking to take a photo of you and exclaiming "You're SO cool!!"

5. Are you debuting this at a convention? If you already have, which convention?
I debuted this cosplay at Pax Prime 2013.

6. What is your next cosplay project?
My next cosplay will be Silk Spectre, (which I already had luck with at Emerald City Comic Con this year) which I will be wearing at Pax Prime 2014. 

Can't wait to see your Silk Spectre at Pax Prime 2014! 

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