cos(WED): Catwoman by DemApples


This week's Cosplay Wednesday features the newest member of our Lifted Geek team, DemApples!  In this feature, she is cosplayed as Catwoman, Batman's best known lover and most trusted ally. While her criminal activities involve being a skilled cat burglar and stealing from gangsters and mobsters, her status as a hero or villain may be ambiguous at times but since killing is against her own moral code, she is a little more hero than true villain.  That and being one of Batman's most trusted allies (though he'll rarely admit it), she has teamed up with him many times.  Check out how well DemApples did an excellent job portraying this sexy character!

Cosplayer: DemApples (or Celeste) (FB)
Cosplay: Catwoman aka Selina Kyle
Series: DC Comics
Photographer: Justin Prince of Lifted Geek (FB)

1. How long have you been cosplaying?
I’ve just recently been getting devoted into cosplay. So, I want to say the past year I’ve started really making my own costumes and props.

2. Why did you choose this cosplay?
I chose Catwoman because she’s one of my favorite female characters. She’s sexy, intelligent, kicks ass, and best of all, she’s not the good guy 100% of the time. I thought it’d pose as a challenge seeing as her outfit it very form fitting and I usually crossplay.

3. How long did it take to complete?
It didn’t take me very long at all. Probably a week at most.

4. What was the hardest part when constructing it?
Her damn hat! That took HOURS. And it’s STILL not perfect!!!


5. What do you love most about this cosplay?
Its very easy to move around with. But, not very breathable.

6. Are you debuting this at a convention? If you already have, which convention?
I really WOULD love to honestly. Probably Pax Prime 2014. I want to redo it to make Injustice Catwoman.

7. What's your next cosplay project?
Fetch from Infamous: Second Son, as well as Evil Delsin. Along with many many others (Captain America, Claire Redfield…… The list goes on)

We can't wait to see all these cosplays!

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