top(COS) Sakura Con 2014

written by Ninja Dee (@ninjadeelee)

Quick introductions! Herroo, my name is Ninja-Dee or just call me Dee. I’m a Singaporean cosplayer located in Seattle that’s been cosplaying for about two years now (check out my page!). I’m still very new to the scene, but I love cosplaying and making things. And that’s about it!

So last weekend, Lifted Geek gave me the opportunity to do my very first cosplay write-up of a local Seattle convention, Sakura-Con. I was honestly surprised at how great the cosplays were this year. As expected, there were tons of Attack on Titan, Kill La Kill, and Frozen cosplays which were all super epic to see, but thankfully they didn’t take over the whole con like predicted. There were a ton of super awesome cosplays that blew my mind over the weekend and a number of cosplays that I haven’t found photos of, but here’s my top 10 from the photos that’s been released from Sakura-Con already. 

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And my absolute favorite from the whole con was this amazing Gundam Akatsuki cosplay that just stole the whole floor when he entered!

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photo credits: Lifted Geek, Riamux Creations, Toshiyasu Morita