Supernatural: Season 10 Episode 5 "Fan Fiction" (REVIEW)

written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

Now this is way behind... sorry folks... busy life plus leaving this on my DVR for a few days after it aired kept me from getting around to it. But from my persepctive, I've gotta say that "Fan Fiction" has to be up there with my all time favorite Supernatural episodes.

Dean still trying to find some normalcy in his otherwise not normal post demon life, leads him to continue to hunt down cases... something Sam is fervently against. This leads them to a private all girls school where reports are swirling about a drama teacher disappearing. Not the most clue heavy news story... but to me it jsut seemed like Dean is just itching to find something to do.

Here's where the weird comes in, when the boys get to the school they discover that these girls are producing a play based on lives of the legendary Whinchesters... namely the Sam and Dean from Carver Edlund's "Supernatural" book series. So yeah... there's a case here.

Screenshot (1108).JPG

Some of my favoite episodes from all of SPN involve the show self referencing itself, the circumstances regarding Chuck "Carver Edlund" Shurley turning his prophetic visions of the Winchesters into novels with a fervent following... to that one time the boys were investigating mysterious occurences at a "Supernatural" Convention. This episode marks the show's 200th episode in 10 seasons, so referencing elements from SPN past to present made for a delightful episode.

The Glee like song numbers were my highlight of the show, from referencing events from the WInchester's past to a number dedicated to Castiel simply singing about how he'll "just wait here" left me in stitches. But the cover they did of "Carry On My Wayward Son" left me with chills after watching it. That song already has quite the spot in the hearts and minds of the SPN faithful... what with it being the "season recap" song right before the finale... but that song, plus the angelic voices of these talented young ladies made this a number to remember.

While hilarity ensues, it wouldn't be an episode without a monster... namely a strange scarecrow that was responsible for the drama teacher's disappearence. But the majority of it was more so light hearted, and for the frist time in a while... I can say I enjoyed a Supernatural episode where no humans were killed... sorry bout the spoiler but I had to say it.

The surprise cameo at the end (no spoilers) made me grin ear to ear... it's episodes like this that remind me why I love this show so much... onward and upward to 300 episodes guys... see you in five years.