Supernatural: Season 10 Episode 2 "Reichenbach" (REVIEW)

written Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

Damn... can DEAN-MON get any douchier? After the reveal that Dean has to sate the mark by constantly killing... episode two picks up where the first left off, Sam is tied to a chair while a mystery man named Cole tries to get him to give up his brother.

Flashback time: it seems that Dean had actually killed Cole's father some 10 years ago, so regardless of Dean's reason... the guy actually has a reason to go after Dean. On the Dean and Crowley side, Dean refuses to take Crowley's orders and for once I actually believe that Crowley knows what's best for Dean... at least as far as the mark is involved.

On the Hannah/Castiel front, Cas is still dying unless he can replenish his grace. So far this season the interactions between Hannah and Cas has been my favorite. Hannah has gone from being a tertiary character to being someone I really want to get to know better... I will riot if they kill Hannah off...

This season is still too early to give it much of a judgement, this episode and the last felt more like one extra long episode rather than a progression. Overall, it was a good episode... but really I'm getting pretty sick of shitty-ass DEAN-MON... I miss the old Dean.