A G33k Beanie

Hello geeks! So in honor of our progress and the number of fans increasingly supporting us day by day, I made a "G33k" beanie! This is a simple single crochet beanie that can be worn by both girls and guys, and even worn a bit slouchy for a different look.

The "G33k" design was designed specifically to look just like our logo. I designed it in Microsoft Excel like so below:

However, since most hats are made from the top to bottom, the design would actually be viewed upside down...

No big deal right?

The way I did this pattern was I picked any single crochet beanie like this one from April Draven and modified it a little bit - mainly the length.  Once you stop increasing rows and maintain the same number of stitches for the rest of the hat, I probably did around 10-11 rows after we stop increasing rows, then introduced the design, and then followed by 6 rows to end the hat. That is what you see of the hat at the top of this page. But you need to remember that when you look at the "G33k" design, that will go from left to right, bottom up.

Give it a try yourself and submit photos! I like to make the hat slightly longer so I can create a slouchy look :)  See more photos below of the hat (and me wearing it =P)