Overwatch: Doomfist LIVE on the PTR

The man... the myth... the legend. The often speculated new hero has finally come to Overwatch. Meet Doomfist, an agent of Talon and FINALLY fleshes out this group. For the longest time, the only Talon members we had were Reaper and Widowmaker... now all we need are a few more roles filled and you could conceivably craft a full team of Talon agents.

Doomfist is able to fire short-range shotgun-like bursts from his gauntlet, unleash a powerful ground pound attack called Seismic Slam, toss characters into the air with Rising Uppercut, and charge up a powerful Rocket Punch to slam his foes into walls. His ultimate ability is Meteor Strike, an attack where he’ll leap into the air and smash down to deal a wide AOE smash, perfect for clearing that objective. Doomfist also generates a personal shield to offer extra defense as he uses abilities, encouraging players to be aggressive during combat.

Currently you can play as the new hero in Overwatch's PTR (Public Test Region) so take his gameplay with a grain of salt until he makes it into the live game.

Unfortunately... it seems that Terry Crews will not be voicing the new hero! Something that totally bums me out since he has been actively campaigning for that role for the past couple months. Maybe Blizzard will bring Terry Crews on as a future hero? Maybe down the line one of the former Doomfists will return and Terry Crews can be the heroic version of the character? Who knows... either way, I'm incredibly stoked for this new addition to the roster.

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