Don't Count Out Affleck Yet for 'The Batman'


After Ben Affleck denied rumors by The Hollywood Reporter that he was leaving (at SDCC) the Matt Reeves helmed The Batman, it looks likes fans of Batfleck have something to rejoice about. According to a source from Warner Bros., Ben Affleck has signed on to appear in Matt Reeves’ trilogy. Reportedly, Affleck will assume the mantle of the Dark Knight for at least three more films.

Personally, I felt like this was a good move on their part. In both Jacob's review of the theatrical release and my review of the extended cut, despite being far from perfect... Batman was the highlight of the film. Personally, I think Ben Affleck is the best Batman since Bale and it may be an unpopular opinion to say that Affleck has the capacity to be the best Batman in film, let's jsut hope they don't screw it up... it takes alot to screw up Batman... like overacting Tommy Lee Jones and Bat-Nipples.

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