Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning: Louis Vuitton's New Face?

In an amazingly geeky and incredibly chic turn of events, Louis Vuitton is using Final Fantasy XIII's widely popular heroine Lightning as the face of their Series 4 campaign. We previously touched on Fernanda Ly (the mind behind the pink outfit) in a recent post here on Lifted Geek.

In this clip, Lightning trades her sword and battle apparel for chic digs with serious attitude. Straight from the post on Louis Vuitton's official website:

“It’s clear that the virtual aesthetic of video games is predominant in this collection. If we push the reflection about heroines, or what might constitute the nature of a woman whose actions can be so courageous that she becomes superior and iconic, it becomes obvious that a virtual entity integrates with the founding principles of the Maison. Lightning is the perfect avatar for a global, heroic woman and for a world where social networks and communications are now seamlessly woven into our life. She is also the symbol of new pictorial processes. How can you create an image that goes beyond the classic principles of photography and design? Lightning heralds a new era of expression.” - Nicolas Ghesquière

Not new to injecting a bit of geek into their campaigns, three years ago Louis Vuitton used popular Japanese vocaloid Hastune Miku in one of their campaigns as well.

I love that they use such recognizable pillars of geek culture in their campaigns, and if there is a gaming heroine that can be strong, sexy, and incredibly chic; Lightning fits the bill wonderfully! Can I get a "cosplay this"?

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