Real Life Superhero: Jillian Ratliff

What would you do if you were a superhero? What would your super powers be? These are questions many of us ask ourselves all of the time and yet there's someone who has ventured past these questions and made their answers to them a reality. 

That person is Jillian Ratliff: Artist, stand up comedian, graphic novelist, scientist, and shaman. For years she's drawn the web comic, "George the Fear Monster" ( ) expressing ways of handling fear in our everyday lives through comedy. 

However, her recent venture is both venturing into cosplay as well as continuing her adventure into comic-writing. She's releasing a graphic novel entitled "From Victim to Victory". In it,she plans to talk about a lot of her own life experiences and expresses that superpowers don't have to be supernatural.

So recently, she dressed up as her main character in a costume she made, rented a matching car and videographer and spent the day down in Santa Monica, giving out free hugs and promoting her new book.

Join with us in promoting Jillian as she begins releasing her new graphic novel!

Also, check out the interview Jerikandra Cosplay did with her in depth! 

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