Hi-Rez Announces Paladins at GamesCom

GamesCom in Cologne, Germany is one of the biggest gaming conventions on the planet. So it's no surprise that if Hi-Rez (developers of Smite) wanted to announce a new project, it'd be here.

Following their F2P (free-to-play for the uninitiated) formula, Paladins will be a fast paced FPS F2P game featuring a rich cast of characters all with their own distinct skills and abilities. Skill building departs from the tradition behind their MOBA series and instead throws a bit of lady luck into the mix. As you play you draw cards from your deck, each card has special abilities that grow as your character levels up. You can pick a card early to gain an advantage, or save it to make use of its late game upgrade.

As a new player to Smite and totally loving what this developer does, I'm looking forward to seeing what Hi-Rez plans to do with it. I've signed up for the beta already, head on over the the game's main page to get in on it too!

No release date has been finalized, but you can be damn sure we'll be up on it here at LG.

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