Hideo Kojima Unveils His Post-Konami Independent Studio...

... dubbed Kojima Productions...

same name... new look

same name... new look

Okay, maybe this isn't the most creative of name for a new studio, but after a lengthy and bitter ordeal with Konami over the past year, it's about time for some positivity to come with the Kojima name.

Partnering with Sony, while he will be producing his next game as a PlayStation exclusive (other reports state it will launch on PC as well) the brand-spanking-new Kojima Productions isn't just another subsidiary of Sony; this is a wholly independent studio partnering with arguably the dominant console of the current generation.

Kojima's first game has been described as EDGY, but beyond that there is nothing much known about what plans he has for the future.

Personally, I'm glad the man is back... and all that money and support I USED to plug into Konami I can now send Kojima's way directly... because fuck you Konami!

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