Fantastic 4 Teaser Trailer LIVE!

What feels surprisingly unexpected was the official reveal of the Fantastic 4 reboot teaser trailer. The last time we saw these four on the silver screen was back in 2005 with Fox's first attempt at adapting the super-powered team.

I don't know about you, and maybe I'm being a bit too nitpicky but I'm not excited. The costume choices look odd and aside from how menacing the Thing looks, much of what I enjoyed from reading Fantastic 4 didn't feel like it was present. Despite the fact that there has been little to no promotion given the Summer 2015 premiere, I'm not jazzed... but I'll give it a fair shot.

Outside of the Disney distributed Marvel pictures properties, the folks at FOX and Sony have been very protective of their properties. The super-hero genre is a big money maker, so I can see why... but I can't help but feel that Marvel Pictures would do a much better job with this film property than FOX can.

Here's hoping for good things... the casting looks good at least...

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