The New Thor is a Woman

Marvel is making waves after announcing that the new Thor will be a woman rather than the goldie-locked man we are so used to seeing. It's a change and details are still not fully announced, but as a fan of comics I am optimistic to see what the writers can do with this new incarnation of the God of Thunder. As a bit of a comic purists, one thing to point out is that the power of Thor isn't in the God himself, but rather in his hammer Mjolnir.

As per the inscription on the hammer, as long as the wielder is worthy of the the hammer, that individual will receive the powers of Thor. Whoever this woman is, she won't be the first woman to wield the hammer, Sarah Rogers of Earth-9811 and DC's own Wonder Woman (during a Marvel/DC crossover) both successfully wielded Mjolnir.

While some douche-bro-geeks have come to the twitters to vehemently oppose this, I for one welcome the change and look forward to seeing what they can do with the character. And for all those douche-bro-geeks complaining about this, you say the shit you say... act like you do... and wonder why you can't get laid? Really now dudes...


Anyway! What say you g33ks? How does the new Thor strike ya? Sound off in the comments.

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