Clara tell me, am I a good man?

With this full length trailer, the anticipation further intensifies for the forthcoming premier of Peter Capaldi as the 12th (13th?) Doctor in the seminal British sci-fi series Doctor Who. From the look of the trailer plus the whole "going into darkness" bit, it's looking like the new Doctor will see our favorite time lord plunging into the kind of darkness never before seen by his predecessors.

Trust me... I'm the Doctor

Trust me... I'm the Doctor

There's always a bit of adjustment when a new Doctor is shown, I wasn't too keen on Tennant or Smith when they first appeared, but grew to love the ever changing time lord. With Capaldi it looks like we can expect a darker take on the Doctor, very reminiscent of good ol number ten, personally one of my favorites in Christopher Eccleston. What say you g33ks? Are you ready for a darker, grittier Doctor? Or do you still pine for the character of Matt Smith's eleven? sound off in the comments and check the trailer below.

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