Frozen and Tangled... Connected?

Could Frozen and Tangled be connected? I know, they are literally connected being Disney films, but a fan makes a pretty compelling argument that Arendelle and Corona could exist in the same universe. Call it Disney stealthily throwing cameo's into their other films... or look deeper into it. Via Reddit.

"Ok, so somewhere near the end of Tangled, Flynn tells Rapunzel that he has heard Arendelle is nice this time of year. In Frozen, during the song "For the First Time in Forever," Flynn and Rapunzel can be seen outside right after the gates are opened and Anna comes out of them. But why are the happy couple at Arendelle?

It all has to do with the King and Queen in Frozen. Since it's apparent Frozen and Tangled take place in the same universe, there must be a reason (didn't know how to end the sentence). When a long lost princess is found and becomes married, that would be cause for other royals to come to the wedding. In Frozen, the King and Queen were leaving for Rapunzel's wedding. But wait there's more! The reason why Flynn and Rapunzel are at Elsa's coronation is because they knew why Anna and Elsa's parents were dead. They felt guilty because it was indirectly their fault the princesses of Arendelle were orphans.

But where's my evidence?! Tangled came out in November 2010 and Frozen came out November of 2013. That's 3 years apart...just the same amount of time it was between the King and Queen's death and Elsa's coronation. BAM!"

It could simply be Disney throwing cameos into their movies again like Belle showing up in in The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Scar showing up in Hercules. But the evidence is compelling and as far as I'm concerned... I'll believe it.

With that said... I feel like watching Tangled again and as I write this I JUST finished watching Frozen... again... I know, I know... I just can't seem to let it go *crickets*. So let me leave you with this gif! D'AWWWWWE...

Anyway g33ks! What say you? Sound off!

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