New Final Fantasy XV Trailer... plus, first female "Cid"

... well, technically her name is "Cidney" but it's a start yeah? It isn't clear yet whether Cidney will be a playable character or not but she looks to be tinkering with Noctis and company's ride. A bit different than Cid's typical airship roots.

Cidney marks the first major departure from the Final Fantasy staple Cid character since Final Fantasy XII where Cid was Dr. Cidolfus Demen Bunansa, a villainous character and estranged father to Baltheir, one of the primary (and personally my favorite) characters from FF12.

As jaded as I am when it comes to Square Enix, especially after my extensive rant about why I will not be buying Final Fantasy VII on PS4, I find myself trying to temper my anticipation a bit... hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised rather than extremely let down... like with FF13.

Anyway, I still don't know what to think of FF15... but the new trailer does shed a bit of light on the game's narrative. What do you think of the new trailer and the first female Cid?

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