New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD trailer... plus... an M rating?

Square released a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Surprisingly, the video shows an M-rating for the first time ever in the entire franchise history. From the content alone, it looks to be a darker and more violent take on the Final Fantasy franchise and something than can either make for an interesting turn or seem annoyingly gratuitous. From the content of the trailer alone... nothing really jumps out as M-rated.

It drops March 2015, personally... I still wonder why they had to go full on next gen HD for this one... it would have been perfectly fine as a PSVita game. Something tells me the lack of interest in Sony's current handheld may be the catalyst for why this former mobile game is given a couch-and-controller makeover. I'll give it a shot... what about you?

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