Video Games Live! A Kickstarter


It seems like everyone is crowdsourcing these days. But one such subculture that seems to benefit from a wide swathe of tech savvy interweb denizens is the wonderful world of geek culture. 

Gaming is integral to this subculture and one such event has been a blast to attend. A few years back I attended Video Games Live in Seattle and was blown away. I had attended Distant Worlds prior and knew kind of what to expect, Distant Worlds is Final Fantasy-centric. With Video Games Live focusing on GAMING as a whole, I got to hear some iconic themes from some of my favorite games like The Legend of Zelda, Halo, Mass Effect, and of course Final Fantasy  played by a full orchestra.

Now, they need your help to fund their next studio album. Video Games Live: Level 3 is only a few supporters away from being a reality. Check out their Kickstarter here for more details.


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