Orlando Bloom as... Bruce Wayne?

could he be the man that will be the Bat?

could he be the man that will be the Bat?

In an article posted by Express, Mike Parker states that Orlando Bloom is the front runner and hot favorite to play the caped crusader. It wasn't that long ago that Christian Bale was offered a reported $50 Million to play the role again, but good old Entertainment Weekly found a way to debunk the rumor.

Orlando Bloom could play the part, hopefully he figures out how to do an American accent, have you ever seen Elizabethtown ? Seriously, it was a pain watching him speak. I'm not against Bloom playing the role, I do have my favorites like the ones I picked in previous articles (like my article about how to make BvsS not suck and my JLA dream cast), but I will not watch this if Christian Bale reprises the role. Nope, it just wouldn't work. I hope Warner Bros can find their Batman, at least so we can stop speculating and start imaging what [insert actor here] would look like donning the cape and cowl.


What about you guys? What do you think? Sound off! 

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