Legend of Korra Book 2 Trailer


Sup g33ks! it's 4AM here and I (Justin Prince) finished watching the last episode of Legend of Korra   Book 1 (season 1). I have to admit, it was damn good. Sure I may have been a snobby anime geek during the time when Avatar: the Last Airbender  was on Nickelodeon, being all "zOMG that is so not anime!" but I may have to finally watch it... or at least give it a chance. Nickelodeon has done some amazing stuff and Legend of Korra  was a beautifully animated show with some epic action sequences and superb pacing. I can't wait for Book 2 (which airs in September) but anyway, here is the first trailer for Book 2.

I remember seeing some footage at SDCC 2012 when I was in the Korra panel, sure I was only there because Community  was right after. But it did spark my interest. My sister watched all of Korra and I finally did as well.

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