ATTN: Writers, Bloggers, and Aspiring Journalists


Okay, we aren't taking it too seriously but we want to poll our community and see who of you folks out there would be interested in joining Lifted Geek as a contributor for the site. We would either collaborate with you to come up with posts/content or if you would like to tackle any of our current segments (Like Pixel Rated Reviews, Late to the Party, Film g33k, Cover Stories etc...).

We would fully credit you as the writer and if we are able to get media access to cons either in your area or our area, we would be able to apply for you as well to come with us to help cover the con. Riri and Prince will still manage the majority of the site, but as Lifted Geeks we want to be able to showcase others with the same drive and passion for geek culture as we do.


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