Batman: Arkham Origins... confirmed


So it looks like speculation was spot on that the next Arkham game will be a prequel. According to the press release, this game will take place in an "expanded Gotham City" taking place in a time "before the rise of Gotham's most dangerous criminals". This will feature a young/inexperienced Bruce Wayne and chronicle how he meets members of his rogues gallery.

Personally, this sounds like a winner. Of course there have been many books and comics and movies and cartoons that took the origin of the Dark Knight and gave it a certain personal flair. I have alot of faith in this franchise and look forward to see how they interpret it. Makes me wonder... will the Joker be in it? I know Mark Hamill stated that he is letting "his" Joker rest, I wonder if they will approach this with a younger cast to portray the characters. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to this fall!!

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