MewThree? or... Majin Mew?

Nintendo has revealed a new Pokemon for the upcoming  Pokemon X and Y .  I have to make an observation that this Pokemon that looks a lot like the offspring of Super Buu and Mewtwo. Or Super Buu and Frieza. If so I name you MAJIN MEW! And I digress...

Whichever it is, I just think there's too many Pokemon out there that we are all just running out of ideas!! I remember Red & Blue.. Silver & Gold... Yellow... and I think I pretty much stopped after that.  I don't even remember beating Silver & Gold.

Anyways, it definitely looks a lot like Mewtwo and a large population of us would be surprised if it wasn't some sort of variant of Mewtwo.  If Mewtwo was created from the DNA of Mew, then we are all wondering ... Is this "Mewthree" another lab experiment? Or maybe an actual evolution?  I think it would make more sense if it was another DNA experiment, or like a lab experiment gone wrong since the name of this game is using "X and Y" where... X and Y are commonly known as DNA chromosomes.  Geeeet itttt? 

Pokemon X & Y will be released for the 3DS which will be the first Pokemon game not on the Gameboy.

What do you think? Will you play it?

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