Geek out your cat furniture with these ideas!

Tardis Cat House

I know, I can be a crazy cat lady - hell my cat has super hero costumes! (See "My Poor Kitty" segment if you haven't already) But man these geeky cat trees that I saw over at Nerd Approved are so cool!! People really have a lot of time on their hands to give their fuzzy little feline the best geeky cat condo ever. Like the one above by Astromark's Wife which is literally like... a cat playhouse.

Not a Doctor Who fan? Well if you're a Star Wars fan, BillyAppletini created AT-AT cat trees for his two cats!  Now that looks fun.. can they get in and view through the little opening at the head?? 

How about for you Star Trek fans - an Enterprise cat tree by Hobbitron:

Geckoo_Designs has an Instructable on how to make his Super Mario cat tree, seen below:

These are so incredibly geeky.  Now I want to make a Bat Cave for my cat.

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