Kia and DC's Superman Inspired Optima Hybrid

Kia Optima Hybrid, Superman themed

Remember our post a while back when Kia Motors and DC Entertainment created the 5 superhero inspired cars?  Recall I also did do a mini rant on where the Wonder Woman and Superman themed cars were! Well they've came out with a Superman themed Kia Optima Hybrid car.  I can't say I imagine Superman driving a Kia, but hey they made it LOOK cool enough that he could drive it!! 

I actually really like the car interior...While I'm not a huge car enthusiast, Kia and DC's themed cars are pretty neat.  Can I make my Subie look like one of these??

Now all we got left is for Kia and DC to make an invisible themed car.  I say... they should make her car see through............ that would be neat. Not really ideal for driving, but I'd love to see the concept!

via Geekologie

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