Kia Motors and DC Entertainment Reveal Justice League Inspired Cars

Left to right: Aquaman Rio, Batman Optima, Flash Forte Koup, Cyborg Forte, and Green Lantern Soul

In support to raise awareness for We Can Be Heroes (campaign to help fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa), DC Entertainment and Kia Motors partnered together and created 5 superhero inspired cars for the SEMA show.  From left to right, we have the Aquaman inspired Rio, Batman inspired Optima, Flash inspired Forte Koup, Cyborg inspired Forte, and the Green Lantern inspired Soul.   First of all, WHERE is Wonder Woman? Seriously?? Oh it's probably invisible.  And SUPERMAN?! I would imagine the superman logo on the hood, and a red spoiler. AWWWW why didn't they make one for him!

This is custom artwork by comic book artist and DC Entertainment Co-Publisher, Jim Lee, who assigned each superhero to a specific Kia vehicle based on their key features.  You can see below, that each vehicle is not only painted based on the colors and logos of the superheroes, but the interior is also decked out in superhero epicness.  

With all that, each vehicle are to be auctioned with all net proceeds going to "We Can Be Heroes".

I LOVE the Batman exterior AND interior of the Batman Optima - the shiny black logo over the matte black is so attractive to me. I don't want to forget to mention the batarangs that are next to the driver's seat as well.

The interior of the Flash Forte Koup is SOOO COOOOOL... Something about red that really gets my adrenaline pumping.. that's probably not the car to go racing in... or well it IS the car to go racing in! I like that lightning bolt on the inside of the doors. I can't say I love the two, ten-inch sub woofers and speakers... But meh! West Coast Customs did a great job nonetheless, along with RIDES and Super Street.

I still can't believe Wonder Woman isn't here.. wouldn't it have just been AWESOME for them to make like, everything transparant? Obviously wouldn't be a running vehicle, but at least the concept would have been cool. Transparent exterior, and maybe like, just use those clear inflatable chairs for the seats!! hahaha.  I'm trying really hard not to mention a sexist comment here...

See all the rest of the photos below!

via IncredibleThings via prnewswire

Batman Optima


Aquaman Rio

Green Lantern Soul

The Lantern wheelies

Interior of Flash inspired Forte Koup

subwoofers and speakers 

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